What Are Soffit Vents?

Soffit vents, as the name suggests, are attic/roof ventilation devices installed inside the attic/soffit area of the roof. These are installed to create easy airflow within the living space. When properly combined with some other roof ventilation devices, the soffit vents work efficiently to allow the proper flow of outside air inside the roof area. These are also installed to create temperature goodness in the rooms. They are also helpful in reducing energy consumption as they help in creating an adaptable environment in comparison to the outside environment. Such proper ventilation, as most people don’t realize, helps to increase the life of the roof, air conditioning unit, and structural components of the building, and reduce electricity bills. All homes need to have some type of roof ventilation device installed. These devices include wind turbines, roof fans, edge vents, and canned vents. Soffit is the area between the attics of the ceiling; these are the engravings on the edges of the wall or the highlights on the areas where two endings of the wall meet.

How To Install Soffit Vents?

Soffit Vents are initially installed by professionals or repair persons skilled enough for this task. The installation of the soffit vent needs professional help as the carvings need specific cuttings as per the size of the soffit vent. The holes need to be measured promptly at exact gaps to have a perfect cabin to fit in the soffit vents. Thereby, there has to be certain professional help, however, one can install them on their own if they know the simple technical know-how of the whole installation procedure.

How Many Soffit Vents Do I Need?

Attic vents or soffit vents are installed to cool the attic and help in the proper airflow of the outside and inside air. Therefore, the proper number of soffit vents is a requirement to get absolute ventilation and serve the purpose of the very installation of these vents. Generally, there should be at least 1-1.5 square meters of vents installed for every 150 square meters of the attic. However, for ceilings with a more slope, you shall use ventilation that goes equal to continuous attic vents with 10mm of width at least. So, herein, the number of soffit vents depends on the areas of the room or the space where they need to be installed and the ventilation required therein.

How To Clean Soffit Vents?

You shall never let go of your house and household things with ease. You shall clean every space of your home regularly. The same goes with your soffit vents and roof covers. You shall clean them every 2 years or even annually. But, how shall you clean these small openings of soffit vents? The best method would be to blow with compressed air to remove the dust, dirt, or any other debris stuck therein. You shall be aware that it is essential to your health that attic ventilation shall be cleaned on routine.

How Do Soffit Vents Work?

Soffit ventilation is a ventilation method that helps in getting constant airflow from the attic area of the roof to enter your room. Not many are aware of all the benefits that one derives from attic vents. It’s not only the proper ventilation and airflow management but also they minimize moisture content in the air brought through airflow. These are also known to absorb extra moisture content that gathers inside a room on a rainy day. Soffit vents have become necessary in every building as they meet all the issues that can be caused due to poor ventilation. For example, buildings should be properly ventilated so that items stored there do not deteriorate or develop mold problems, which is why soffit vents go trending. To minimize or eliminate such problems of unwanted heat or cool air, you need a soffit vent in conjunction with an edge vent or any other type of vent in combination to create a proper ventilation system.

How To Remove Soffit Vents?

If your soffit vents have been in the same position for a longer time, you shall be required to replace them with a new one, or in few cases cleaning thoroughly would do the work. The question here goes how shall these vents be removed? The answer is it is very easy to remove soffit vents, but in most cases, you will have to remove these either using a screwdriver or nail clawer. You need to first use a screwdriver to remove all the nails and then using a nail clawer fetch out the whole cabinet. Then the vent then will come down smoothly without any harm. However, after all this, you should clean the vent using soapy water and foam in case this has to be re-installed.

Which Soffit Is Right For Installation In The Home?

Most people either get vents installed while having a new home designed or constructed or when the whole roofing system goes down. This allows roofing experts to ensure that the entire roofing system works together to maximize the life and health of your roof. Thus, you shall choose your soffit vent very precisely and wisely with the help of professional experts after inspection of your roofing system to ensure durability.




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