Kitchen Soffit Makeover

Have you ever observed box-like big structures in your kitchen which seem to serve no purpose? Ever wondered why they are there at random places like the space between the cabinet and the ceiling?

Well, they are used to disguise the wirings and stuff in your kitchen. These box-like structures are called soffits, or more specifically, kitchen soffits.

However, in recent years, they have run out of style because they take up too much space. Also, people are preferring a more spacious look in a kitchen, nowadays. Many people who have soffit installed in their kitchens either are removing it or making it look more aesthetically pleasing.

So, if you have an old-style kitchen with a soffit installed, then this article is just for you. It has many common questions people have in their minds regarding different aspects of kitchen soffit. It will give you a good idea about what to do with the boxes in your kitchen.

How to remove kitchen soffit?

Removing the kitchen soffit can ruin the interior of the kitchen. A lot of wirings and plumbing work has been concealed behind the soffit structure. Removing soffits can also negatively affect the ceiling. So, you should always consult with a professional that can help you with this.

How to decorate a kitchen soffit?

If removing it is not a feasible option, then it might be a good idea to decorate it to give the ambiance of the kitchen a new look.
Decorations can be done in a lot many different ways depending on your taste and style.

How to build a soffit above kitchen cabinets?

The cabinets come in standard sizes. However, the kitchen ceiling can be of different sizes. There is no standard. This creates an incompatibility between their heights. As a result, many a-times, there is a gap left between the ceiling and cabinet. To cover those gaps, soffits are built.
To build a soffit, the first thing to do is to take correct measurements of the area above the cabinet. After that, cut the necessary number of plates of those dimensions. The plates should be of a strong and durable material like wood, vinyl, or aluminum.

Now by using a drill, drill some holes on the periphery of the plates where they have to be attached to the walls. Finally, fasten the nails and screws in those holes. And there you go! You’re above the cabinet soffit is ready

How to decorate soffit above kitchen cabinets?

When it comes to decorating the soffit above the cabinets, either you can use your creative brains or take the help of a good interior designer.

What is soffit in the kitchen?

These are the special disguises employed in the kitchen to conceal the wirings, pipeline, plumbing, and other protrusions in the kitchen. Not only that but they are also used to cover the spaces between the ceilings and the top of the cabinets. They are generally in the shape of boxes.

What to do with the soffit above kitchen cabinets?

Before doing anything, you should know why they are there in the first place. If they are concealing the wirings and stuff, then it is better to leave them untouched. In this case, the best idea might be to rather decorate the soffit instead of removing it.

Many times, what happens is removing the soffit even affects the ceiling and walls. Again, it is wiser to leave it untouched and better decorated.


How to hide soffit in the kitchen?

This falls under the broad spectrum of decorating the soffit. In this case, it is just improvised a little bit. Some of the best ways to disguise the concealing object (soffit) are:

Lowering the ceiling using false ceiling: You can lower the height of the ceiling to the top of the kitchen cabinet.

Painting the ceiling provides yet another great way to hide the soffits or any blemishes in the kitchen interior. Plus, it will also give a new look and feel to the whole kitchen. This article is certain to answer most of your questions related to the kitchen soffit.

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